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“DataWorld” Series

The  overriding  theme  of  my work for the past two years has  been  our  persistent  withdrawal from  the Natural “analogue” world and the  resulting  sweeping  changes  this  has  ushered  in, namely,  a   voracious,   relentless,   day-to-day   Data World . There  are  multiple  realities  and capturing  a few of these with my impressionistic photography has been at the  core  of my work from the very beginning.We are, right now, experiencing a “changing of the guard” in every way. Robots  are  becoming  more  human, digital  money, digital shopping, digital social networks all have  lead to a shift, alienation  and recalibration of our previously pevrceived realities. Drawing from   Nature,  the  Human  Form,   Abstract  Energy,  virtual   Bitcoin, Cyber  Art, and  even  the concept  of  fungibility  and  NFT’s, I  question  the  possibility  of  a  co-existence with  this  new   DataWorld  and  our future. Is Data-Overkill  forcing us to accept a new  perception  of  Reality? And if so what is this  reality  like? Coexistence  or  submersion?  The  dimensions  of the series “DataWorld” are, in comparison to my earlier works, multi-paneled  and oversized, reflecting the magnitude of the shift into the binary,  that we are  experiencing  in every part of our lives today.

Temel Nal 2021

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