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“I am a photographic artist. My work is impressionistic and underpins a world released from everyday reality. None of my photos are digitally manipulated. None of it is computer-generated imagery. My images are the direct result of the impressions I have when shooting. I use a unique photographic  technique  which

I developed with time and lots of trial and error! Over the years I have reached a point where I can say that I “paint” with my camera. I try to capture the infinite variations of our everyday reality, releasing colour from its form. The result is a colour-dominated impressionistic world. Out of this world, I create single shots, or  increasingly,  themed   series   such  as   The  Mask   Series,  Blue  Lady  Series,

or  currently,  The   Data   Series,  where  I  am   investigating   the   avalanche   and
overwhelming invasion of technological data into our lives. I want and need to reach people emotively, with my work and ideas. The camera is the tool I have chosen to achieve this.”

Temel Nal, 2021 

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