Signing the aquired works in the presence of Ilse AIGNER, Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology and Deputy Minister-President of Bavaria.

photo impressions


art meets design

elegance I


nal in the cities



the power of flower

summerfire – yazateşi


the garden of eden






nal meets gaudi

wing III – sallanmak III


the power of nature

flyingcolours – uçanrenkler


nal at the oktoberfest



nal meets people



colours and light at the sea



summertime colours




columbs I


melting arts



new york & toronto

america, yes


Prices, Materials and Sizes

Every work is strictly limited to five copies (exception: sizes up to approx, 80×60 cm)
Depending on the individual work, I use different materials, such as photographic paper, satin or canvas as well as lamination on acrylicic or aludibond.
For further information, please get in touch with me by e-mail.

Cooperative works with other artists are unique works and will not be reproduced. Please inquire about price. Cooperative works are, e.g.:

  • “Begegnung in der Bewegung I und II” with artists Werner Grund and Enzo Arduini
  • “Auflösung” with artist Arthur Schneid
  • “Finanzkapital I” with artist Norbert von Bertoldi

These works merge photography and painting into one work.

As far as sizes, materials and prices are concerned, please find below a price list from the latest exhibition in 2014. Packing and shipping costs will be added to these.


Temel Nal

Trailer about the Photo Art Exhibitions “nal meets gaudi”:

Die Wellen – Photography: Temel NAL, Music: Mert Öztaner & Temel Nal, arranged by Mert Öztaner


After numerous exhibitions, here the first picture book:

“Temel Nal – Ich fühle die Farben”

Only with his camera – without any manipulation at the computer.

Limited circulation of 500 books, autographed
Hardcover matt. Insides glossy
128 pages, DIN A4. VP € 35,90
ISBN 978-3-928551-39-7


Excerpt – Catalogue

Exhibition – Flyer







„I feel the colours,
                 the shapes,
                 sense the light
                 create something new
                 from my point of view“

The creation of unique abstract realities simply by photographic means have captivated me since as early as 1996. I release colours from their forms with the help of light, and in doing so awakens them to new life – without computer manipulation, but directly when taking the photographs! The particular work is not a result of coincidence, it is created deliberately. The energy coming forth and the filigree dynamics in the works, which can be classed between photography and painting, are clearly perceivable for the beholder, the excitement nearly tangible.

My credo is not to render a true-to-life depiction of reality, but an impression of one of its endless facets. Thus, in my own unique way, I reveal the power, intensity and liveliness, and at the same time the fine nuances of his subject. As a result, the works are in part characterized by a quivering, vivid colourfulness, but also in part by a monochrome, profound stillness.

In May 2011, my first photo book “ich fühle die farben” (“I feel the colours”), in which seven cycles, comprising seven works each, are presented, was published by Babel-Verlag (ISBN 978-3-928551-39-7).

The following is a tabular list of my exhibitions.